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Cataclysm is on us

Fawnn88, Dec 30, 10 9:54 AM.
So as u are all aware, Cataclysm is out and everything has changed. We have a few lvl 85's already and started runnin normal 5 mans to start gearin up. I can tell u this much, its not easy. 

Please ppl if u want to start with the 5 mans we need ppl to be focused and reliable. We also wanna have fun out there and enjoy the new content. 

We will be makin teams up as soon as we get enough of everything


Fawnn88, Jun 24, 10 1:43 AM.

Well our guild has officially started. We have 3 tabs already in the guild bank thanks to Marki. So if anyone has a little bit of silver or gold to share please put it in there. 
Im gonna make one tab solely for raid food, potions, repairs and so on. So for the alchemists please let us know what mats you need to make potions and flasks as well as for the cooks so we can start farming and putting the stuff into the guild bank and start stocking up.

Hope to see you all online so we can discuss the nitty gritty of the guild



Welcome to PANADAREN BROTHERHOOD guild situated on the Quel'Thalas server.
We are a small guild that want to concentrate on doing the new Cataclysm 5 mans to gear up. We'll start off on the normal until everyone is comfortable with it then we move onto heroics. 
We are mainly a bunch of South Africans that joined forces to help each other out.

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